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Urban Verde

Vitality Popsicle (Resilience Blend)

Vitality Popsicle (Resilience Blend)

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Popsicles made with raw organic granny smith apple, carrot, beet and lemon. No added sugar, no dyes or chemicals. All natural and healthy alternative to store bought popsicles. contains 4oz of juice.
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Commonly Asked Questions

More About Urban Verde

What's the difference between your juice and processed juice?

A majority of juice in the grocery store is HPP (high power processed) and/or pasteurized. These processes kill off all the raw living enzymes and nutrients. Thus, making it an empty juice, that just looks aesthetically pleasing. Our juice has living enzymes and nutrients to give your body everything it needs to thrive.

What is Raw Juice?

The definition of Raw is any juice that has not been heated, cooked, or steamed. Most juice in the grocery store is High Power Processed (HPP) or pasturized which involves heat. Raw is as fresh as it gets!

What does cold-pressed mean?

Cold-pressed juicing is the act of pressing juice without heat or high pressure. Some juicers (centrifugal) have metal spinning plates inside that heat up and destroy at least half the nutrients in the plants being juiced. Cold-pressed juicers are slower and naturally grind and squeeze the juice out without high force or heat friction.