About Us


Welcome to Urban Verde, where we're passionate about the power of whole food plant-based nutrition and the benefits of organic, raw living juices.

Our founder, Randy Roberson, discovered the incredible health benefits of a plant-based diet before the pandemic hit in 2020. He experienced significant improvements in his health, reversing chronic illnesses caused by a standard American diet. Inspired by the countless people he met who also reversed chronic illnesses and even cancer through a whole food plant-based diet, Randy decided to create Urban Verde as a way to serve others hope and positivity through organic, raw living juices.

We officially launched in June 2021 at the Shreveport Farmers Market, starting with wheatgrass juice, and expanded to include cold-pressed juices in 2022. After losing his regular job due to company relocation, Randy decided to go all-in on Urban Verde, doing pop-ups at RNL's Cookery Corner and Vitamins Plus during the week, and the Shreveport Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Our mission is to be a source of positivity and wellness in the community. We were honored to have been featured in the Shreveport Times and grateful for the support that has made Urban Verde a success. Keep an eye out for our fall and winter locations, and don't forget that you can also place online orders through our website.

Join us on this journey to health and wellness, and let's make the world a healthier place together.